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fuentesdesign project in Modern in Denver

Check out the Fall Modern in Denver issue, featuring our Integration House!

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Boulder County Business Report: Raising the Bar

“The clients that fit best with us are the ones really committed to their health, to the environment and to doing the right thing,” said Brian Fuentes of Boulder-based architecture firm Fuentes Design LLC. Read more in the Boulder County Business Report.



Colorado Green Building Guild Awards

We’re excited to share that two fuentesdesign projects have been announced as finalists in the Colorado Green Building Guild Annual Awards – one in the Green Residential New Construction and the second project, assisting Boulder Zed, in the Green Residential Remodel categories.  Winners will be announced at the Boulder County Business Report Earth Conference on June 12th.



Tax Incentives for Energy Efficiency

With tax day being right around the corner, make sure your tax adviser is aware of available tax incentives for energy efficiency! Most recently, when the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was signed end of last year it extended a $500 incentive for certain windows/doors, heaters, water pumps – through December 31, 2013. Read more here, and be sure to consult your tax adviser!




Denver Post: Information on Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency

Navigating the requirements for tax credits can be complicated – but in today’s Denver Post, a number of  resources for federal tax credits from energy-efficient home improvements and other energy savings measures are highlighted.



Energy Should Be……good!

Just spent some time checking out videos at, very cool site that explains how renewable energy works!  Check out Ken R’s great work trying to rally the troops!


Dec “Do the Math Tour”

Bill McKibben and the “Do the Math Tour” bio-diesel bus recently made a stop in Boulder, Colorado spreading awareness of the math behind climate change, asking those who signed the banner below to remember three numbers:

1) 2 degrees Celsius: The agreed upon change in temperature that we must stay below, at least in the Copenhagen Accord, 2009 in which 167 countries responsible for 87 percent of the world’s carbon signed. Where representatives signing the Accord agreed that, “deep cuts in global emission are required…so as to hold the increase in global temperatures below two degrees Celsius.”
2) 565 Gigatons: The computer simulated amount of carbon our atmosphere can assimilate and still have a “reasonable hope” to stay below 2 degrees Celsius.
3) 2,795 Gigatons: The amount of fossil fuel we are currently planning to burn.

If you missed it, read  Bill McKibben’s recent article in the Rolling Stone magazine here.



Boulder Architect, Brian Fuentes to speak at the Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES) monthly education and networking meeting.

What: Ultra Low Load and Passive House Buildings: a Path Toward a Renewable Future”

When: Thursday October 25th at 7:00 PM,
Where: Jefferson Unitarian Church, 14350 West 32nd Avenue Golden, CO.
How: Free for CRES members. Non-members pay $10 beginning in October.
Find additional information on the CRES website.



Energy Now! Energy 101

In this video, Energy Now answers the question, “How many people does it take to turn on a light bulb?” and explains the process of creating electricity.