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5280 Home – Elder

Honored to have one of our recent design-build projects in 5280 Home.


Good Natured

An ultra-efficient house with knockout design elements, too? This Boulder home proves it’s possible.






Houzz Bathroom Ideas for 2015 recently released their top bathroom ideas for 2015 – including “Sustainable Style” that features our RENEW project!


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Passive House in 90 Seconds

Check out the great clip explaining Passive House building techniques in 90 seconds – by
PH in 90 secs



2013 National AIA Convention is coming to Colorado!

Plus, check out the welcome video including a snippet of Brian Fuentes: here.

“The American Institute of Architects Colorado component (AIA Colorado) is asking you to come, stay and explore our beautiful state during your visit for the AIA 2013 National Convention.”  Find more information here.



Das Haus Tour is coming to Denver!

fuentesdesign is excited to welcome the Das Haus tour, scheduled to be in Denver October 2012.

According to the tour: ‘Das Haus is a traveling pavilion, a North American tour about advanced technologies for home construction and solar energy use. The purpose – to share German innovations that have achieved sustainable construction and operational energy savings. Attendees represent leading organizations and businesses in building materials, architecture, engineering, renewable energy and energy efficiency businesses, universities, and public officials…

The hands on format includes:

  1. An enclosed room built to Passive House standards featuring a relatively thin yet superinsulated envelope, heat recovery ventilation and cooling, and triple–pane windows that optimize solar heat gain while minimizing heat loss. Stepping into the room instantly communicates the superior indoor comfort the Passive House Standard is known for.
  2. Solar energy collection systems which help to power the pavilion, including roof modules featuring state–of–the–art thin film CIS photovoltaics, and solar capturing façade elements which generate power while providing additional insulation benefits.
  3. Exhibitive wall construction systems representing a wide range of insulation techniques and materials designed to resist thermal conductivity, avoid thermal bridging, and maximize year–round indoor comfort.”

Find more information here.

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fuentesdesign celebrates our 11th year!

fuentesdesign would like to thank all our builders, engineers, consultants and clients for an exciting 11 years! With your support, we continue to be a leader in energy efficient design, incorporating innovative building systems and natural building materials. Looking towards our future, energy conservation continues to be an imperative. Following the 2030 Challenge, fuentesdesign strives to make each of our new homes zero energy through the combination of renewable energy sources and efficient envelope design incorporating Passive House principles.

From Architecture 2030Buildings are the major source of global demand for energy and materials that produce by-product greenhouse gases (GHG). Slowing the growth rate of GHG emissions and then reversing it is the key to addressing climate change and keeping global average temperature below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

To accomplish this, Architecture 2030 issued The 2030 Challenge asking the global architecture and building community to adopt the following targets:

  • All new buildings, developments and major renovations shall be designed to meet a fossil fuel, GHG-emitting, energy consumption performance standard of 60% below the regional (or country) average for that building type.
  • At a minimum, an equal amount of existing building area shall be renovated annually to meet a fossil fuel, GHG-emitting, energy consumption performance standard of 60% of the regional (or country) average for that building type.
  • The fossil fuel reduction standard for all new buildings and major renovations shall be increased to:
    • 70% in 2015
    • 80% in 2020
    • 90% in 2025
    • Carbon-neutral in 2030 (using no fossil fuel GHG emitting energy to operate).