Vassar project – fuentesdesign’s most recent design-build project is finishing up. The project is located at the base of the flatirons in Boulder, Colorado. Achieving a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) of negative 33 (-33), this all electric home will produce more energy than it uses; leaving enough for it’s owners to driver electrically around 10k miles per year for free. A 2006 code home would be HERS 100 score for reference. More importantly it met the City of Boulder’s green building requirement with efficiency alone, achieving a HERS score- prior to solar panels being added of 41 with a requirement for architectural projects of this size of 47 maximum. The modern design incorporates super-insulated wall assemblies, imported German super windows (R10), 10kW solar electric, solar hot water and geothermal heating and cooling create a low energy home paring extreme comfort with extreme resiliency, efficiency and on-roof energy production.