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fuentesdesign has expanded our construction management to include full design-build services on select projects. As licensed and insured contractors, design-build services include:

1. Pre-Construction Services:

To keep the project on budget from an early stage and make the most informed design decisions, Construction Management Includes preliminary estimating based on area and volume of the schematic design and optimization of systems.

During the design development phase, more detailed information is added to the drawings, which are then given to the primary subcontractors to bid. After the bids come back from the subcontractors, the design /management team coordinates the bids with reasonable allowances for fixtures and finishes based on recent and similar projects into a pre-construction budget.

2. Construction Administration / On-Site Project Management:
This phase includes on site supervision of subcontractors, miscellaneous construction tasks throughout the project, processing of change orders, and updating the budget during construction. Change orders can be due to unforeseen conditions, client requests for changes, or suggested changes by the design team, or the opportunity to take advantage of a new technology, material or system that becomes available during construction.

3. Post-Construction Services:
Final budget update and auditing are included in this phase, as well as coordination of final cleaning and punch-list items. Reconciliation of final costs may be required depending on jurisdiction (i.e. City of Boulder.)