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Since 1999, fuentesdesign has completed more than 80 residential projects across the state of Colorado, including 50 new homes /major remodels /additions in the Boulder area, as well as select commercial projects. 

Collaborating with our builders, engineers and artisans, we can help you from the napkin sketch concept to getting the project built. Our unique process of design involves close collaboration and is custom tailored to each project, budget, site and client.

fuentesdesign helps you get from concept to reality. We offer a holistic approach to home design integrating architect, owner, and consultants from the beginning to achieve a result greater than the sum of its parts. Full Design Services provide what most clients need to get their home built right.

Additional Services can include helping you find the right site to accomplish your goals, developing a description of your goals and functional needs prior to starting design, called a program, as well as master planning a larger project. Additional services also includes Residential Building Energy Analysis to assess the energy efficiency of your existing home, diagnose problems, and prescribe possible solutions. We also can provide Green Building Consulting to architects, developers, contractors, owners or any group or company through our network of associates depending on the area of expertise.

Full Design Services Include:

1. Schematic Design:

After an initial design meeting and or program generation, we develop a schedule, design budget, basic plans, elevations, and materials and performance specifications for client review. This phase is billed hourly for the client to have an incentive to efficiently set goals and make decisions, and secondly to provide value to the client by not having to bid the design process, the most critical phase in adding value to the project.

2. Design Development:

We work this phase with an experienced contractor chosen by both the architect and owner to work in the Construction Manager, General Contractor role to help estimate costs as more detailed drawings and specifications are produced. This phase concludes with a drawing set and specifications for pricing. If the contractor’s estimate is within the budget, the team continues on to construction documents. Energy modeling, using the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP) design tools. Developed originally in Germany, PHPP has been used to sucessfully estimate building performance and fine tune building envelope and systems during the design process.

3. Construction Documents:

This phase includes construction ready, permit submittal documents including:

  • architectural plans, sections, elevations, details, and specifications
  • structural engineering
  • mechanical engineering for ventilation design as well as heating and cooling, geothermal, solar
  • electrical engineering for solar electric systems and efficient whole house management and economy switching

4. Interior Design:

fuentesdesign specializes in natural materials including earthen plasters, natural clay paints,  local and salvaged woods and other healthy and non-toxic finishes. Depending on client needs, we can help you find the right finishing touches for your project – from paint to fixtures. On large projects, we often collaborate closely with a number of  different interior design firms that align with our process and values.

5. Construction Administration:

This phase includes reviewing the project during construction and performance verification through Passive House US (PHIUS), LEED for Homes, Energy Star, or independent third party certification.