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LOG CABIN LOG CABIN Colorado straw bale mountain home Boulder, Colorado architects LOG CABIN LOG CABIN Leadville, Colorado straw bale home. Boulder, Colorado architects


A contemporary companion to the simple, historic mining structures in the area, the main floor of this home lies at exactly 9900 feet above sea level.

Earth plastered straw bale walls wrap local standing dead log posts. A weathered steel corrugated roof rises out of the ground to welcome the sun. Bedrooms are clustered around a open, living, kitchen dining area with patio doors to the south. A masonry stove provides both heating and a integral pizza oven.

The second story deck off the popular kids (guests) area reveals the horizon view of tree tops pointing towards Mount Massive. This project was featured in the book Prefabulous and Sustainable and also in the Denver Post, read more here: A second home that passes green muster Denver April 2010 – Copy

Leadville, Colorado.