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We’ve moved!! Come see our new office at 1722 14th Street #115!

For the new studio, we decided a new table was in order.  To find a large piece of locally salvaged wood, a trip to TC Woods was in order. A little hunting and we found a 95 year old Locust tree that had been taken down in Boulder, right behind Jalinos Pizza and just a few blocks from our office.  After a weekend of wood working, we had the table planed and glued in two halves and Travis started in on welding the steel frame together.

Brian Fuentes and Steven Rouisse glue up the first half of the table.

Steven Rouisse and Megan Monroe admiring the future table

Travis laying out the table


Finished table


Next we freshened up the walls with natural paints by Unearthed Paints – we choose a lime based plaster with mica and a blue accent wall with lime based paint. Unlike conventional latex paints (even the “environmentally-friendly,” zero-VOC versions), natural paints are biodegradable and free of petrochemical ingredients. From Unearthed: “natural paint relies on the inherent qualities of natural ingredients that can be used as binders (such as casein, a protein glue), fillers (such as marble, which provides opacity and whiteness), and pigments (such as earth pigments that derive natural color from their mineral content). A variety of different unique natural paint types exist, and include clay paint, milk paint, and lime paint. Most natural paints, including the entire line of paints by Unearthed Paints, are 100% zero-VOC and safe to use while pregnant.”

Unearthed Paints

so now that we’re in, stay tuned for an open house date!